Split: Contributing To The Stigma Of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Hollywood never seems to realistically portray people with mental illnesses correctly. One of the biggest examples of this is the movie “Split” starring James McAvoy as a kidnapper with 24 alternate personalities. I love a good horror movie as much as the next person and have seen quite a few in my time but sadly this movie does not give an accurate depiction of someone with dissociative identity disorder. 2017-07-27-22-08-35--1376818766I will never forget the time I was hospitalised after having a horrible dissociative episode and had a nurse ask me “Wait, you have that thing like the man in Split?” While film is some what entertaining, it is not a realistic portrayal of Dissociative Identity Disorder and in my opinion does harm to people who actually have to live with this disorder on a daily basis. I dread sharing my diagnosis with anyone that knows me just incase they have watched this film. If that wasn’t bad enough… I was having to sit through this film with a family member…

Dissociative Identity Disorder is a unique survival tool rather than something to fear. It is also a very misunderstood and complex disorder. However, this is a fictional movie and not a documentary. It’s primary purpose is to entertain — and it sure does… after all, sensationalism sells! But at what cost? A lot of mental health experts have criticised the film for contributing to stigma around the disorder and I have to agree! Dissociative disorders may be fascinating to film makers who want to solely entertain but I assure you they are a nightmare to the people that actually have to live with them. This film gives people the wrong impression that people with Dissociative Identity Disorder are violent monsters that like kidnapping little girls when in fact, they are more dangerous to themselves than others. The mentally ill are not monsters and Split is extremely reckless in it’s depiction of a very real disorder. I implore people to do proper research into this condition and not base your ideas on everything this film tells you👍

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