A Negative Mind Will Never Give You A Positive Outlook

Your mind is a garden, you can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.


We’re often not aware of the effects that our thoughts can have on our bodies and health. Anxiety, lack of sleep, stress and depression are often tied to negative thoughts. I have had my fair share of negative thoughts and emotions and it can be really self-destructive and pointless. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. When we let ourselves focus too much on all the bad… we can easily forget all the positive things that we have.

I am a strong believer that there is real power behind your thoughts and that they contain energy that can affect the world and the people around you. I used to study quantum physics alot… it’s actually really interesting😉

Changing our thought patterns can take time and it doesn’t happen overnight. It isn’t easy to remain positive when negativity surrounds us but we must continue to try. Nobody is perfect but your life is yours and only you have the ability to change how you think and feel about things. It’s hard and can seem absolutely impossible at times (especially if we have a lot going on) but learning to let go and look towards the brighter side of things is something you can learn and use no matter where or who you are.

I find it helpful to try and think of 3 positive things that have happened in my day no matter how big or small they are. I also find it good to channel my energy into doing something productive that will distract me from any negative thinking. When I have too much time on my hands, it’s easy to start over-thinking things. Lastly but not least, surrounding myself with positive people always helps.

6 thoughts on “A Negative Mind Will Never Give You A Positive Outlook

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  1. Heather are you an empath? We would ask you in email/contact but we don’t know how you feel about personal correspondence, which is why we are asking here. 😀


      1. You have written a few blog posts about people’s energies. Trademark of an Empath. An empath is someone who has extremely unique gifts when it comes to light, sound and other people. 😀


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