Brick Walls Are Annoying: Latest Thoughts

I started this blog without choosing to be anonymous. When I think about it… I feel it would of been so much easier and it probably would not have restricted me in regards to what I write about and who it gets shared with but then again… hiding behind a screen just seems an easy option.

Dissociative disorders are real conditions that affect real people and I wanted to get that across in the whole bigger picture of things.

I try and keep things as vague as possible in my posts and try to word things as carefully as I can but in a way that still gets the message across. Blank notepad and pencil Sometimes, it’s hard to try and find things I feel able to write about even though I want to share so much! I still feel I have to protect myself and my privacy in some way or other. It can be frustrating at times trying to find the right balance.

Maybe these things just take time… who knows? Maybe I still care too much about what others will think of me? I just know I want to avoid that brick wall and brick walls are annoying.

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