Parts Of The Same Puzzle

My head is a hive of words that will not settle. I am forever trying not to drown in my own thoughts. The crashing waves leave a tiredness that cannot be cured by any sleep or rest. I have always been good at pretending and I bet somewhere there is an award engraved with my name, for playing alive, despite the times I watched myself die over and over again.

My feelings will suddenly escape me at times through the hidden parts of me that I never had a chance to seal. latestI try to contain them but they still manage to escape. They peek out behind my shadow that I forever keep in front of me as a guard. It slowly ruins me because the truth feels so ugly. It is a both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply but in the same breath, to feel nothing at all.



2 thoughts on “Parts Of The Same Puzzle

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  1. may relief come your way as you creatively sing or write songs, and write poetry with the thoughts flying and swimming around in your mind… and the feelings that you’re not able to seal may just have to leap out onto paper you’re to reveal that connects you to the rest of us in a wondrous way…

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