Winter’s Embrace❄️

Some people would argue that life made her that way. Other people would whisper and say it was just who she was. Nobody really cared enough to find out and others would just stay away for the fear of the unknown. She would sit calm and composed in those castle walls that she had purposefully built so high, carefully looking out at the rest of the world. She would sometimes fantasise about leaving her castle and going to venture out into the forest. Her heart would secretly long for it but fear had always stopped her. She would often tell herself how safe she was behind her castle walls, for even the most strongest army couldn’t infiltrate what she had built. It made her proud. She was untouchable. The loneliness would come and go but she took a lot of comfort in the animals that would come and visit her from time to time. They were the only ones that were allowed to visit for nobody else was welcome in her fortress… no matter how many times they pleaded with her to let them in. Life had taken many things from her but her kindness and caring nature always remained. She had a heart full of love and had a lot to give the world but no one could ever hurt her here and the world was a very cruel place. It was dark and full of evil. She had seen it. She had felt it. And now she was watching it from a distance, safe inside those walls.

She had frozen the world around her to protect herself at all costs. Landscape sketched from her memory slowly consumed her. She wanted no memory of it but found little peace in the world she had created. Her sanctuary would sometimes feel like a prison. The cold breath of winter made the days empty and the nights long and cold. Bitter chill and stinging wind made it a hard place to keep warm even with the brightest fire. Lakes once full of life became frozen and treacherous and veils of frozen crystal falls cascaded over the mountain walls. Fields of glistening snow lay bare where pretty flowers once grew. People would rarely stumble on her castle for she had concealed it so well.

Many years had passed. Many faces would come and go. Feelings of hopelessness would appear as blizzards from nowhere. Nothing seemed to have changed as she stood wiping away the tears whenever her memories came into view. Her cold heart weighed heavy on her shoulders surrounded by darkness and overwhelmed with shame. It was both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply but in the same breath, to feel nothing at all. The pain in her heart was unbearable, almost like it was turning into ice. Maybe it was time to do the unthinkable and finally leave the castle. The thought of it terrified her but she knew deep down she would never be able to heal and find peace if she stayed locked away. There was a world out there waiting to be discovered and the walls she had built so high needed to be torn down. Only she could do it but she had never known a life outside of those walls apart from the one she had desperately tried to escape from. Would she come to regret it?

A decision was made and with two firm feet on the ground, she finally left the castle. The journey would be long and hard. It would drain her both physically and emotionally. Would it be worth it in the end? She hoped so. It would take a long time to reach her new destination and she was constantly worried she would get lost. She knew that she couldn’t travel alone and would need plenty of help along the way. Many times she would catch herself looking back in the distance and admiring her castle glisten in the fresh snow that had formed. Everything seemed so much different. Everything seemed so far away. After years and years of being locked away, finding a new place to call home finally seemed real at last.

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