A Trip Down Memory Lane!

I attended a guinea pig show for the first time in over year! I’m sure most of you had no idea but I used to breed and exhibit guinea pigs as a hobby. It was something I absolutely loved and had such a big passion for but sadly had to give it all up when my mental health went downhill.img_0168 I had a nice time at the show. It was like a little trip down memory lane. I had to thoroughly groom my pig, prepare everything I needed and get a good night sleep for the show. Although I felt really anxious, it was good to catch up with some old friends that I hadn’t seen in a very long time. With plenty of unlimited coffee to keep me going throughout the day… it was just lovely to be surrounded by so many cute animals. It was a great day overall (although the weather wasn’t the best) and to top it all off my guinea pig won his class with a 1st prize. I was really proud of him as it was his first ever show❤️ I often think how much I’d love to get back into the fancy as they call it. I have so many good memories. The trophies and rosettes were nothing in comparison to the real reasons I loved it so much. It used to be something that really kept me focused. It would get me out of the house meeting all sorts of people and visiting all sorts of places. Having a stud of awesome pigs (that’s what we call them) really did make me proud. A lot of effort, time and hard work went into every last one of them. I loved them all so much. It really did give me a sense of purpose in more ways than one. Giving it up was very difficult. To work so hard and then for it all to be gone because of my crappy mental health literally broke my heart. It kind of seems bittersweet in a way… I know recovery takes time and a lot of hard work but maybe being able to go back to doing something I love is a good reason to keep going and to get better.

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