An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away?🍎

I really hate going to the doctors but there was a few things I was concerned about. I always try to put it off but finally gave myself a kick up the arse and made an appointment. Anyway, after talking to my GP he thought it would be a good idea to get some blood tests completed. I got them done and wasn’t expecting to hear anything back. They say no news is good news! However, I got a phone call the next day telling me to come in due to abnormal results. Cutting a long story short… it turns out I am very low in B12, iron and vitamin D. I guess it explains why I have been feeling so weak, fatigued and generally crappy the past few months. Thinking about it… I guess my iron is low due to the self harming😞 They still want to send me for more tests because they think my body must not be absorbing food properly. In the meantime, I have a whole bunch of tablets that I’m supposed to somehow remember to take! Around 8 to be precise and some of them have to spaced out throughout the day. Although it sounds really stupid… I just came home from collecting my prescriptions and cried. Like how the hell am I going to remember to take all of them tablets?! I always struggle with remembering to take medication…. I guess with most things really😂 I can’t even remember to finish a course of antibiotics due to everything that goes on with the dissociation. It really is frustrating! I’ve been on them for a week now and have already missed quite a few doses… not intentionally but it was expected. Hopefully, I should get the results from further tests soon and find out what is going on. Mental illness is hard to deal enough without having to be physically ill at the same time. I can’t even bear the thought of it! Please send positive vibes my way!👌

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