The National Bed Crisis🛏

Mental health professionals work really hard but it’s highly obvious to many that they are over-stretched and very under-resourced. It has been reported recently that there is a 30% decline in mental health beds across the UK despite many empty promises of extra funding from the government.

This has been reflected recently in my own experience. I was waiting over 4 weeks for an inpatient bed due to my mental health crisis. I was put under the care of my local home treatment team until a bed came up. When you are on a bed list… they have to make daily visits. Every day I was told there was nothing available. Every day I was told there was a long list of people who were also in my predicament. Every day for 4 weeks… my mental health seemed to spiral further and further out of control with no option but to just ‘stick it out’ and hope a bed would come up soon. It’s just a shame that a bed was only secured when my mental health crisis reached such a breaking point that I ended up in an ambulance with a police section and scars that I will have for the rest of my life.

It’s really sad to see that the mental health sector of the NHS is over-stretched to the point where they cannot cope. Home treatment teams also seem to be struggling due to the high demand. They admitted it to me themselves many times which isn’t exactly the best thing you want to hear when it’s all you have to rely on in that moment of time. Many people are reaching the point of crisis where they can no longer cope in the community and the job seems to always fall down to police and ambulance crews to come and ‘clean the mess up’… I have to agree that people that work in the NHS and mental health sector deserve all the credit they get. They really try their hardest with what they are given… sadly it just isn’t enough.

When will the government finally step up and do something about it? Patients are being routinely failed by a system at breaking point. I’m sure many people would agree that it cannot continue like this. I would love to hear everybody’s opinions or experiences. Let us know in the comments below👍🏻

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