Grounding Techniques⭐️

Grounding helps bring us back to the here and now. Grounding techniques work by engaging the senses. They are strategies that help us to be in the present moment rather than in the traumatic experience of the past or any current distress that we may find ourselves in. They can be really helpful when you feel you are at risk of dissociating, having a flashback or a panic attack👍🏻

I use grounding techniques a lot. I think I have become so used to them, most of the time I won’t even realise I am doing them! Many grounding techniques are subtle and can be done anywhere without other people noticing. Most people don’t notice when I do them. I prefer it that way. It could be little taps of the foot, a twist of the wrist or even something as simple as counting up to 10. I have many that I use. I always try my best to carry a grounding object around with me. At the moment, I am using a necklace that lights up inside when you open the locket. It’s actually pretty cool! Before that, I was using a scented monkey keyring that I would sniff. Not all of them work in certain situations where I feel myself starting to dissociate or zone out but I find them to be helpful most of the time. If I am having a flashback, I will usually grab on to the nearest thing I can hold which could be a brick wall, a teddy or even a piece of paper. I will feel it in my hands and try to focus on the texture, the shape, the weight… basically anything that engages my senses away from the current moment of distress. I have a habit of ripping the paper to shreds the majority of the time and always find myself apologising for the mess! On numerous occasions, I have ripped up pre-paid bus tickets in my pocket that I have meant to use without even realising!😂

It’s definitely a skill that requires practice. I would encourage people to stick with it. You will always find something that will work for you… it may just take some time to try and find the right ones for you. I have made a page on the blog solely for grounding techniques. You will find it under the useful links section. If you have any that you would like to see added to the page, then please leave a comment in the comment box below👇🏻

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