Grounding Techniques⭐️

Grounding helps bring us back to the here and now. Grounding techniques work by engaging the senses. They are strategies that help us to be in the present moment rather than in the traumatic experience of the past or any current distress that we may find ourselves in. They can be really helpful when you feel... Continue Reading →

Winter’s Embrace❄️

Some people would argue that life made her that way. Other people would whisper and say it was just who she was. Nobody really cared enough to find out and others would just stay away for the fear of the unknown. She would sit calm and composed in those castle walls that she had purposefully... Continue Reading →

Hakuna Matata?

I have had a lot of things on my mind. Keeping busy only works so long before these things slowly start to creep into your head space. The amount of disturbed sleep I've been having lately was probably a big clue that things have been a little bit unsettled. I had the most horrible night last... Continue Reading →

Just Keep Swimming…

It's been a good couple of weeks but as usual it only lasts so long before the 'same old' comes creeping back in... I knew it was gonna happen so I made sure to treasure every moment while it lasted. This week, I thought it would be nice to make my living room more of... Continue Reading →

Nocturnal Awakenings…

She didn't like to talk too much about her past for fear her ghosts would hear her talking. She did like to listen though. She always tried to be there for those who were haunted and never asked them for anything in return. I often wondered if the world knew how she wore her nightmares... Continue Reading →

The Veil Of Shame…

Shame can become all consuming. It drowns out any feelings of self-worth and completely erodes any little bit of self-esteem that you desperately try to cling onto. It can stop you from reaching out for help when you need it most. It makes you want to hide away, curl up and die. Overcoming shame is... Continue Reading →

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