The National Bed Crisis🛏

Mental health professionals work really hard but it's highly obvious to many that they are over-stretched and very under-resourced. It has been reported recently that there is a 30% decline in mental health beds across the UK despite many empty promises of extra funding from the government. This has been reflected recently in my own... Continue Reading →

Inpatient Diaries: Part 1

I have been an inpatient for around a week now. I was on the bed list in the community for around 4 weeks but there wasn't any available. I was coping as best as I could under the circumstances and had the home treatment team involved but it wasn't long before I reached an absolute... Continue Reading →

The Disorder Of Hiddeness🌚

In her book 'Understanding and Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder'... Elizabeth Howell refers to DID as a ‘disorder of hiddenness’ and comments that according to Richard Kluft ‘only about 6% of those with DID exhibit obvious switching in an ongoing way.’ Wanna hear some real talk? It is unfair to base your perception of dissociative identity... Continue Reading →

Everything Is Broken🤪

I don't like writing much about my personal life because I'm a very private person. When I started this blog, it was always clear to me that it would be a survivors blog and not a victims blog. I don't really post much about myself and what I go through. My blog aims to inspire... Continue Reading →

If We Could Turn Back Time⏱

I'm sure if everyone had a time machine, they would love to go back and change a few things. Who wouldn't? I often wonder what my life would be like if things were different. It's easy to imagine all the different possibilities and outcomes there could be. It leaves me pondering the question... was it... Continue Reading →

A Trip Down Memory Lane!

I attended a guinea pig show for the first time in over year! I'm sure most of you had no idea but I used to breed and exhibit guinea pigs as a hobby. It was something I absolutely loved and had such a big passion for but sadly had to give it all up when... Continue Reading →

Hakuna Matata?

I have had a lot of things on my mind. Keeping busy only works so long before these things slowly start to creep into your head space. The amount of disturbed sleep I've been having lately was probably a big clue that things have been a little bit unsettled. I had the most horrible night last... Continue Reading →

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